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Apart from selling pictures online we also offer dedicated sessions for our clients. It can be just for one client or up to three clients per one session. With 2 or 3 clients they share the time of session and therefore the price. At the same time there is more work then with just 1 client, so the price is higher.

All prices are per 1 hour of session. Price includes all the photos or videos done during session. To set the session just contact us.

 Area of work

 1 Client

 2 Clients
 3 Clients

taken from the LAND (example)

30 Euro
(We are just form him or her)

40 Euro
(20€ per each person)

60 Euro
(20€ per each person)

taken from the WATER (example)

50 Euro
(We are just form him or her)

70 Euro
(35€ per each person)

90 Euro
(30€ per each person)


All pictures are subject to LICENSING TERMS & CONDITIONS

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